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Archive for October, 2012

Dreams Of Earth Ebook is now available

Mark Fassett’s latest piece, the novelette Dreams of Earth is now available in the Ravenstar Press Store. A paperback edition will also be available soon.

Dreams of Earth – Ebook

Hal hates space. He worked for years in the deep cold blackness to save money so that he could return with his wife to Earth, buy an apartment, and start a family.

But his wife loves living on the Titan Interstellar Launch Facility, and seems to have forgotten the shared dream that brought them there.

When Hal’s boss approaches him with a new contract, his wife implores Hal to take it. Returning to Earth looks like a shattered dream.

But, if there is one thing Hal doesn’t want to do, it is to stay in space one minute longer than necessary. Can he find a way to change her mind?

The New Ravenstar Press Store

You probably noticed when you visited the site, but we’ve added a store to the site. You can purchase electronic editions of all of our titles, and signed paperbacks of most of them.

The Ebook editions all have ePub, mobi, and pdf formats so that you can read on any device that you wish.

The paperbacks are signed by the author, and include the electronic editions as well, which will be available for you to read while you wait for the paperback to be shipped to you.

Check it out here!