Fragments – A Wizard’s Work Book Two is Now Available!

Denied Admittance
Six months have passed since Robert proved he completed his apprenticeship by defeating Orliss Kilore, yet the shattered Wizard’s Guild will not admit him to their membership. They claim they are protecting him, but he believes they have some other motive.

The New Academy
Angela has not seen Robert in months, not since the funeral for her old mentor, Monteous Roarke. Her studies at the new Wizard Academy consume all her time. Gerard only seems to have time for Nina, until his Uncle appears at the gate and informs him of his brother’s untimely death, and demands that Gerard return home.

A Wizard Apart
When a wizard long thought dead reappears to take his revenge on the Guild that expelled him, the apprentices must once again rush to find a wizard that can help them. Only this time, he does not want to be found.

Fragments – A Wizard’s Work Book Two is available now from Ravenstar Press,, Barnes and and should be available from your other favorite retailers in the next few days.

Fragments [A Wizard's Work Book Two] – Ebook
Fragments [A Wizard's Work Book Two] Signed Paperback + Ebook